Reaching patients trough ADIVA program

ADIVA for successful and modern pharmacy

ADIVA is a unique marketing and business concept for pharmacies initiated by PHOENIX Farmacija in 2010

The primary purpose of ADIVA program is to promote pharmaceutical care and strengthen the role of pharmacists in preventive actions aimed at public health, building up patients’ trust in pharmacists. The objective of ADIVA program is to foster public awareness about pharmacists as the most accessible healthcare professionals and to urge citizens to seek expert advice on proper administration of medicinal products, prevention of the development of diseases, and health preservation.

Today the network of ADIVA pharmacies comprises 166 pharmacies around Croatia. Additional services and new tools helping ADIVA pharmacies meet the requirements of the increasingly dynamic market environment are developed continuously every year. ADIVA is a safe path to patients’ trust and loyalty, especially in times of an ever more increased competition among pharmacies, with patients with high expectations regarding pharmaceutical services. This program initiated by PHOENIX Farmacija successfully integrates professional development of pharmacists and marketing support.

ADIVA pharmacists attend professional training courses enabling them to acquire skills and the latest expert knowledge on various ailments and diseases for the purpose of developing additional pharmaceutical services and providing better patient counseling. ADIVA pharmacies carry out advisory programs for patients with the aim of increasing patient safety and strengthening and emphasizing the role and importance of pharmacists in the implementation of preventive actions on public health preservation.


Besides additional counseling, in ADIVA pharmacies patients are provided with printed educational materials in the form of information leaflets available on the brochure holder in ADIVA health corner. In addition to the educational material for patients, there is also the highly popular ADIVA Plus magazine, a leading health biweekly in Croatia.


ADIVA’s “Loyal to Health” loyalty program launched in 2015 offered a new service that delivered added value to pharmacies and their patients.

In 2017, as part of ADIVA program for pharmacies, PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. launched, a new and improved pharmaceutical health website updated with fresh content for everyone who wants to follow the latest health trends and lead a healthy lifestyle. Numerous interesting and advisory topics for our users are just a few clicks away. The website content is intended to stimulate readers to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as to provide them with advice and proper guidance.

PHOENIX Farmacija and its partners from the pharmaceutical industry have been successfully cooperating on ADIVA program since its very beginning and their cooperation is one of the important prerequisites for the continuation and development of the program.


Over 150 pharmacies around Croatia have joined the ADIVA program.