Business activity

PHOENIX Farmacija, one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Croatia, is a member of the PHOENIX Group, a leading European pharmaceutical wholesaler

The company ensures the supply of drugs and medical products to a number of subjects in the healthcare system: pharmacies, hospitals, health centres, and medical diagnostic laboratories.


The company was established in 2004 after the merger of Medifarm-Velebit d.d. and Farmacija d.d. owned by PHOENIX. Today PHOENIX Farmacija’s market share in Croatia is around 24%. The company has five distribution centres:  Zagreb (where the company is headquartered), Velika Gorica, Osijek, Rijeka and Solin.

In addition to drugs, food supplements and medical products, the product range of PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. includes cosmetics, milk substitutes and children’s food, food for special nutritional needs, chemicals, diagnostic products and lab kits.

Ever since it entered the market, the company has been developing additional services for pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies, trying to facilitate business operations for its partners, thus ensuring their market stability and growth.

Additional services for pharmacies

Apart from logistic services, PHOENIX Farmacija provides pharmacies with additional services:

• Participation in the ADIVA program
• Category Management
• Other business support services.

Additional services for suppliers

Along with product sale and distribution, PHOENIX Farmacija offers specific services to its partners in the pharmaceutical industry, such as intervention import, import of prescription drugs, and logistic services in organising clinical research. Furthermore, as a support to their business operations partners may choose one of the services PHOENIX Farmacija currently has in its offer:

• Sales support with Rent-a-Rep
• Cooperation with pharmacies in implementing additional services for patients with the aim of achieving better compliance and drug administration monitoring
• E-learning
• Telemarketing
• Category Management
• Marketing presence in pharmacies with ADIVA program
• Reaching end customers through our loyalty program in ADIVA pharmacies

A special business activity within the company is trading in veterinary and cattle products, the segment in which PHOENIX Farmacija is the leader on the Croatian market.

International experience and commitment, joined with the partnership with leading producers in the region and on the European market, have made it possible for the company to continually improve its existing services and develop new ones. PHOENIX Farmacija holds the position of a reliable strategic partner to both manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and pharmacies, as well as the leading integrated health services provider in the Croatian pharmaceutical market.


PHOENIX Farmacija in numbers:

• 5 business centres
• 1 660 customers
• 22 000 products
• 6 consignment contracts
• 10 exclusive distribution contracts
• 12 000 m2 of warehousing space

Today, the company PHOENIX Farmacija d.d. holds 24% of the Croatian market.

The company operates in five locations: Zagreb - also location of our Head Office - Velika Gorica, Osijek, Rijeka, and Solin.