Business standards

PHOENIX Farmacija as a member of the PHOENIX Group creates and complies with the highest business standards, thus maintaining a positive image, the result of the work of all employees and the basis of the company’s success.

For this reason the employees’ attitudes expressed though their everday work and in the way the company is run are very important. PHOENIX Farmacija complies with all the laws and respects the principles of the freedom of opinion, the right to information, media independence and individual protection.

Business standards within corporate policies have been developed and all employees have the obligation to comply with them.

Currently valid business standards of PHOENIX Farmacija are as follows:

All employees have access to these policies and are trained on regular basis over the corporate standards. We are proud to be a reliable partner to our clients.

PHOENIX Farmacija sanctions any violation of these policies. If you feel that a policy has been violated or you have questions related to this topic, please contact the person responsible for Compliance Management in PHOENIX Farmacija, Ms Silvija Češljaš at


PHOENIX Group has 36,300 employees

PHOENIX Group cooperates with over 200 pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The PHOENIX Group ensures efficient supply of medical institutions in 27 European countries, and is a market leader in 10 countries.