We guarantee pleasant work environment and self-growth

In PHOENIX Farmacija we create conditions for enjoyable work and development

By focusing on employees as the most important and the most valuable part of its business process, the company creates conditions for pleasant interpersonal relations, high quality of work and development.

The professionalism of your employees reflects respect, reliability, proactive approach, knowledge, productivity, enthusiasm, loyalty and efficiency. We are open to new ideas, to creativity, and to everything that makes us good, ethical people. In this way we not only create value for our company, but enable our personal progress.

We are a part of a large European group which has developed vast knowledge and experience from all members of the Group. Our employees have access to various possibilities of taking part in that knowledge sharing. PHOENIX Group encourages mutual communication through European projects, meetings, visits and PHOENIX Management Academy.

On the other hand we encourage adjusting business to the local market. It is exceptionally valuable to be able to learn from others and be flexible, all on the basis of knowledge acquired from all over Europe. Corporate philosophy emphasises the importance of employees who represent the foundations for achieving exceptional business results.

What are our values?


We are reliable because we honour our promises and agreements. We continually develop our employees, which in turn leads to further developing the services for our customers. We are competent business partners in providing health services. We develop, but remain true to ourselves.


Our goals are clearly set, and our decisions are made quickly and efficiently. We listen to both our customers and the market, and consequently meet their expectations. We introduce changes and are ready for them.


We comply with all the laws and standards, and we treat our business partners, competitors and employees ethically and respectfully. We follow the Code of Conduct as well as the Anticorruption Guidelines.

If you want to become a member of the PHOENIX Farmacija team, send your CV with a photo to the contact below.


Ms Valentina Pilski Novosel

Head of HR and Legal Affairs




Words from our colleagues

Our colleagues share their experience of working in PHOENIX Farmacija 

The main advantages of working in PHOENIX Farmacija are the opportunities of professional training, dynamic work environment, and a high quality of team work. I believe that employees are the greatest asset in PHOENIX Farmacija. They are the ones creating a pleasant working environment with their high level collegiality, helpfulness and professionalism, encouraging in turn personal development. I work with a feeling that I am a part of the company which recognises hard work and the desire to work, gives everyone a chance and invests in dedicated employees.

PHOENIX Farmacija is a company with very a pleasant working environment, while the business climate encourages development and training. The main features of the marketing team I work in are dynamic environment, openness to new ideas, creation, permanent improvement of daily activities and commitment to achieving the set goals. I highly appreciate warm and honest communication. When I first came to PHOENIX I noticed that employees treat each other respectfully, and their commitment and hard work are accepted and appreciated unreservedly.




The PHOENIX Group supports internal cross-communication by organizing European projects, conferences, visits, and the PHOENIX Management Academy, so that PHOENIX Farmacija's employees have access to the vast knowledge base.

In April 2012, we have launched a manager education program. Program attendants are PHOENIX Farmacija’s employees who have been occupying manager positions for only a short period of time or employees that are about to take over more responsibility.

Nine attendants have successfully finished PHOENIX Farmacija's Coach Skills Academy for education of internal coaches so far. Constant development of know-how and new skills is an imperative of the modern business.