PHOENIX Farmacija gives its consignment partners free access to the most modern storage facility enabling them to provide a better market supply

PHOENIX Farmacija has signed consignment contracts with several foreign partners. For the purposes of consignment and pre-wholesale operations, PHOENIX Farmacija has 1,850 pallet positions, about 90 of which are intended for storing products at a temperature of 2 to 8 °C.

PHOENIX Farmacija also offers its consignment partners the service of selling goods to other wholesale drugstores in Croatia.

Consignment storage facility is located at the following address: Vukomerička bb, Velika Gorica.

Our partners:








Contact person:

Antoneta Perić, MPharm. University Specialist in Economics 
Director of Procurement

Telephone: +385 1 3652 426



PHOENIX Group has 36,300 employees.

PHOENIX Group cooperates with over 200 pharmaceutical manufacturers.

The PHOENIX Group ensures efficient supply of medical institutions in 27 European countries, and is a market leader in 10 countries.