Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unites and reflects the responsibility of a company to economy, society, business partners, environment and employees.

CSR integrates taking care of the society and the environment, compelling the company to run business in a sustainable way. The PHOENIX Group’s CSR initiative started in 2012 and   it included member countries of the Tamro Group; in 2013 Germany, Austria and Italy joined. Since 2014 all countries members of the PHOENIX Group have taken part in the initiative.

The PHOENIX Group is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) which provides annual presentation and comparison of results of all the companies on the global level. Growth and entrepreneurial success are strongly linked to social responsibility of the PHOENIX Group. The PHOENIX Group has therefore set the integration of the sustainability principle of all work processes as its goal.

The PHOENIX Group is aware of its economic, social and environmental responsibility and applies all this in everyday work. The most important areas are shown in Annual report:

  • The PHOENIX Group’s economic performance indicators
  • Preserving the environment (energy consumption, waste disposal, with special emphasis on pharmaceutical waste)
  • Data on employee structure (age, gender, qualifications), employee education and development, hours spent at work, sick leave, employee satisfaction
  • Anticorruption, Code of Conduct
  • Customer and partner satisfaction
  • Audits (conducted by state authorities and our suppliers), certificates
  • Social responsibility (donations)
In 2015 the CRS report with key performance indicators of all PHOENIX Group member countries was published for the first time. Since then, Reports are  published annually, and include the data for the previous business year as well as the good business practice from different countries.



CSR report 2015./2016.






The employees are the most important and the most valuable asset of PHOENIX Farmacija's business process. We are proud to say that our employees' professionalism is characterized by respect, knowledge, productivity, enthusiasm, loyalty, efficiency...

The main warehouse in Zagreb covers 5200 m². In addition to our customers, this warehouse supplies also regional distribution centres.

The PHOENIX Group's revenue in the financial year 2017/18 amounted to EUR 31,5 billion. The Group's counts 36,300 employees in 152 distribution centres.