Lean management

Warehouse Excellence initiative reflects the advantages of being a part of the PHOENIX Group

PHOENIX Group has recognised the potential of implementing lean management into its operations, leading to the introduction of lean management initiative – Warehouse Excellence (WE). In 2014 this initiative was implemented in all of PHOENIX Farmacija business centres, and has been continually developed ever since, led by the local WE team. The initiative is carried out by applying advanced lean management techniques, such as 5S, PDCA Cycle, Fishbone Diagram, CEDAC and many others.

There are many advantages to this initiative:

Quality improvement
Cost effectiveness
Process standardisation
Process optimisation
Employee engagement
Employee training
Knowledge sharing on the level of the PHOENIX Group




More than 6,000 well recognized green boxes is delivered to customers all over Croatia on daily basis.

Delivery is organized thorugh 172 delivery lines which covers 2,500 locations all over Croatia.