Speed, accuracy and reliability

Fast and accurate processing of clients’ orders – for less than 30 minutes – with frequent and reliable delivery are the main features of logistics in PHOENIX Farmacija

More than 12,000 m2 of warehouse area in five distribution centres ensure PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. meets the highest standards of good distribution practice.

The key to efficient logistics is 160 professional and highly motivated employees in the Warehouse and Delivery, who deliver 57 million products to our clients through the commissioning of 8.5 million units in one business year.

Through business processes optimization based on the lean management principles, the commissioning of the clients’ received orders is ensured within 30 minutes.

Optimal regional coverage with the fleet of over 60 delivery vehicles ensures top delivery to our clients. The delivery is organised through 172 delivery lines, encompassing more than 2,500 locations around Croatia, with multiple deliveries a day in larger cities.


We are proud of the advanced technical solutions and equipment we use, but the key to efficient logistics are trained and highly motivated employees. We devote considerable attention to their education, and our employees go through a standardised training which includes understanding internal procedures and regulations in line with GDP and GMP norms. In addition to professional education, employees undergo different types of training to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of communication, team work, situation leadership, stress management, etc. A team of internal educators, who have been trained for implementing different types of education by eternal experts, works within the Logistics.

Customer satisfaction is paramount, and we have developed a special program of monitoring the main features of our drivers/delivery personnel, such as being well informed, professional in relations with customers, and prompt in reactions to complaints. The most successful drivers are entitled to rewards and additional forms of education on the quarterly level.


Your contact:

Vedran Gracin
Logistics Manager

Tel.: +385 1 3650 170

E-mail: v.gracin@phoenix-farmacija.hr


Trought the optimization of business process, customer orders are processed within 30 minutes.