Marketing services for partners


PHOENIX Farmacija offers its partners telemarketing services. As one of the main direct marketing instruments, telemarketing has become an important and often dominant tool in the sales, promotion or improvement in customer relations

Telemarketing is a service that uses sophisticated telecommunication and IT systems in combination with employees’ sales and service skills and competencies so as to ensure that the company either stays in close contact with the existing customers or establishes contact with new potential customers and increases sales and business productivity. There are some basic requirements essential to an efficient telemarketing campaign: professional personnel, sophisticated telecommunication devices and excellent database. Planning, reports and statistical processing are also part of this procedure. As this kind of communication inspires trust, a personalized two-way communication with potential clients often surpasses all other forms of marketing because it provides immediate feedback.

There are 24 employees in the PHOENIX Farmacija Call Center providing telemarketing services. Over a period of five days, our employees read a telemarketing message from only one contractual partner. Our partner’s message, either regarding a sales promotion, new product notification or any other message to 930 pharmacies is read through the SalesPod form. At the end of the contractual week, the partner is presented with a report on the number of placed calls, the list of pharmacies to which the message has been communicated and the analysis of the completed sales promotion.

Services may be tailored to the preferences and needs of each individual partner.


New method of communication between manufacturers and pharmacists

Webinars (web + seminar = webinar) are audiovisual educational presentations given over the internet. Audience members can access a web seminar anytime and anywhere.

In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, PHOENIX Farmacija conducts training for pharmacists and uploads an audiovisual presentation to Doctrina website. The audiovisual presentation lasts no longer than five to ten minutes, and pharmacists can access it at any time using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Presentations are intended for pharmacists holding a Master of Pharmacy degree and for pharmaceutical technicians. A quick test for each attended webinar helps demonstrate that the pharmacist has obtained accurate and reliable information.

Some of the benefits that webinars provide to pharmaceutical companies include a swift reach of and direct contact with pharmacists because manufacturers can choose webinar attendees on their own and address anyone who is in Doctrina website database, or address only specific target pharmacies or pharmaceutical institutions. There are currently 3,500 active platform users in 850 pharmacies. Webinar is active for one or two weeks, with a reach of about 60% in that period.

The partners also gain the benefit of making contacts with pharmacists even after the active duration of webinars, considering that the webinars are uploaded to the website for the attendees to be able to access them even after the training has been completed. Another benefit is simple webinar video upload to Doctrina platform, supported by PHOENIX Farmacija. In addition, it is important to underline the possibility of monitoring the training success rate, as well as the saving of time and resources necessary for traditional seminars.


PHOENIX Farmacija offers its clients the Rent-a-Rep service of hiring a sales team formed exclusively for a particular client and focused entirely on such client’s needs and success

Pharmaceutical industry is exposed to constant changes, and the factors affecting it are more complex than ever – reforms of healthcare systems and medical care, patient compliance, difficulty in accessing the market, globalization, etc. Pharmaceutical companies face great challenges in a competitive environment and have to continuously develop new services.

Recognizing market needs and following global trends, PHOENIX Farmacija offers its clients the Rent-a-Rep service of hiring expert associates to promote their products in pharmacies.

In addition, PHOENIX Farmacija provides its clients with the possibility of scheduling visits from expert associates to promote their products in general practitioner’s offices.

Contact person:

Hrvoje Barlović, MPharm
Marketing Manager


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