Mission and vision

We are building relationships based on reliability with our partners, sharing the same goal – health and wellbeing of patients


Our vision is to become the best integrated health service provider, regardless of where we are. For us this means that we can offer our partners optimal services and products, within the entire pharmaceutical value chain. Our comprehensive range of services can equally be useful for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, pharmacies, physicians, hospitals, health insurance companies and patients.

All of this can be achieved by focusing on integrated structures between wholesale, retail and pharmaceutical services. We are the link between manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and the end customers – patients. We are shaping the future together with our employees, and we manage our company in a sustainable way in order to achieve long term success.


We deliver health across Europe. Being the leading European distributor of pharmaceutical products, our wholesale, retail and pharmaceutical services ensure delivery of drugs to 27 countries, in the right place at the right time, thus making a substantial contribution to the comprehensive and safe health care. Out contribution includes logistics in the area of healthcare for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products throughout Europe, supporting pharmacies with reliable logistics, expert consultations and other services, and the overall optimisation of patient care. Among our partners and clients there are nearly 100,000 pharmacies, millions of patients and numerous companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our strategy

Our activities are adjusted to our clients’ needs. First-class level of service is the main contributor to our success. This means that, on the one hand, we strive to achieve the highest quality levels in our daily work, but on the other hand we are more than aware of expenses. In addition, we take our environmental and social responsibility very seriously.

Our corporate culture

Think together global – act local!  We achieve progress by applying successful concepts in different countries. In order to stay ahead of the competition, the decisive factor is constructive cooperation across Europe. We are continually developing our Best Practice Sharing concept, and encourage analyses that cross sectoral borders. At the same time we are tightly connected to the market, which enables flexible and quick reactions to specific local market demands.

Our values

Our business activities always follow values held by the entire Group. They are the basis for daily fulfillment of our mission – We deliver health across Europe.


Our actions match our words. Our partners can rely on our services which meet the highest quality standards. We encourage individual capabilities, potentials and motivation of our employees, which enables us to continually improve the services we provide our partners with. Constructive cross-border cooperation and applying successful concepts contributes to achieving the decisive advantage against competitors. We are a reliable partner in all heath related issues throughout Europe. We place great importance in true cooperation, both internal and external, with our clients and partners. Our stabile shareholder structure enables us to pursue a sustainable business strategy.


Action instead of reaction. We advocate clear and long-term goals, quick, result-oriented decisions and structured cooperation. We are very familiar with pharmaceutical markets in Europe and the challenges that are to be faced. Through continual knowledge sharing, but also experience sharing with our clients and partners, we understand the market requirements This enables us to recognise and address those needs, and to be flexible in adapting to changes. We offer adequate support to our clients at any given moment.


The awareness that heath is the greatest wealth guides us in our business activities. By complying with legal standards we ensure a sustainable development of the organisation. Our strategy for success is to use resources efficiently in order to achieve maximum profitability. Ethical and fair relations with our business partners, competitors and employees are the guiding principles in our operations.

Zagreb, 01.02.2017.


Jasmin Huljaj, Managing Director


The PHOENIX Group ensures efficient supply of medical institutions in 27 European countries, and is a market leader in 10 countries.

The PHOENIX Group has retailing activities in 14 countries. Throughout the Europe, we were able to create a rich knowledge base based on exchange of experiences, so more than half a million people turns to us every day with their questions on drugs and treatments.

The company operates in five locations: Zagreb - also location of our Head Office - Velika Gorica, Osijek, Rijeka, and Solin.