PHOENIX Farmacija business centres

PHOENIX Farmacija operates in five locations: Zagreb (Company HQ), Velika Gorica, Osijek, Rijeka and Solin


Zagreb Business Centre is the largest business centre and it is the headquarters of PHOENIX Farmacija. Professional and friendly call centre employees are available to our clients, processing daily 1.500 orders, 70% of which are received electronically.

The central 5.200 m2 warehouse in Zagreb was completely renovated and modernized in 2004, and it supplies customers and regional distribution centres daily.

Contact information:
PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o.
Ozaljska 95
10 000 Zagreb
Tel.:+385 1 3650 111
Fax.: +385 1 3650 110



Osijek Business Centre has 1.700 m2 of warehouse space modernized in 2005. More than 300 orders are processed daily, with product distributed through 19 delivery lines to customers in wider Osijek area several times a day.

Contact information:
PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o.
Vinkovačka 61a
31 000 Osijek
Tel.: +385 31 274 100
Fax.: +385 31 274 10



Solin Business Centre is the second largest company centre. 2.000 m2 of warehouse with modern equipment enables speedy order processing. Solin BC supplies clients in the region from the Island of Pag to the City of Dubrovnik, though 45 delivery lines. Goods are delivered to customers in Split area several times a day.

Contact information:
PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o.
Don Frane Bulića 201
21 210 Solin
Tel.: +385 21 246 324
Fax.: +385 21 246 336


Rijeka Distribution Centre has a 850 m2 warehouse. The goods are supplied to clients in Rijeka area several times a day, and to clients in Istria, Kvarner, Gorski kotar and Lika several times a week through 30 delivery lines.

Contact information:
PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o.
Jušići 47d
51 213 Jurdani, Matulji
Tel.: +385 51 493 554
Fax.: +385 51 493 545

Velika Gorica

Velika Gorica is the centre of the consignment stock warehouse of PHOENIX Farmacija where employees take care of consignment, import, and clinical studies. Velika Gorica Business Centre has a 2.400 m2 warehouse, 1.000 m2 of which is a consignment stock warehouse, fully equipped to comply with the highest standards. Business operations of the consignment warehouse are regularly supervised and checked by our partners, and we always achieve the best results. Measuring customer satisfaction and managing logistic performances ensure permanent expansion of cooperation to new partners.

Contact information:
PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o.
Vukomerička bb
10 410 Velika Gorica
Tel.: +385 1 6370 400
Fax.: +385 1 6370 401


In the business center of Zagreb, customer orders are distributed through 78 delivery lines.

Business center in Solin is the second largest centar at PHOENIX Pharmacy business center with 2,000 m2 warehouse space and serves customers from Pag to Dubrovnik through 45 delivery lines.


At business center in Osijek, with 1,700 m2, over 300 customers orders are processed and distributed through 19 delivery lines.