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The PHOENIX Group supplies health institutions with drugs and medical products in 26 European countries, with the position of a market leader in 10 of them.

The PHOENIX Group is present in 26 European countries, uniquely covering north, central and south-east Europe. In its local markets the Group has years of experience and expertise in the areas of wholesale of drugs and medical products, retail in own and partner pharmacies, logistics and other health services. The PHOENIX Group was established in Germany in 1994 by merging five regional pharmaceutical wholesalers.



Vision of the PHOENIX Group is to be the best integrated health services provider, wherever it obtains business. This means that the PHOENIX Group can offer to each group of partners the best possible range of services and products, along the entire supply chain.

The companies within the PHOENIX Group enjoy a strong and firm local presence, offering its partners, i.e. pharmaceutical manufacturers to use their experience, expertise and understanding of the specifics of each region in which members of the Group operate.



26 countries in which PHOENIX operates

Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands,  Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania.

Market leader


Market leader in 10 countries


Number of distribution centres



Number of customers

More than 60,000


Number of products

Around 140,000




More than 200

Number of employees





EUR 24.4 billion


In 12 countries the PHOENIX Groups operates 2.059 own pharmacies, 862 of which under a new corporate brand BENU. Apart from Norway, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the company is represented in east Europe and in Baltic countries. More than 13,000 pharmacists have 120 million contacts with our patients every year. Around 260 million drugs and medical products are issued to patients, along with advice on adequate use of the drugs and health in general.

Additional services for partners in the pharmaceutical industry are offered along the entire supply chain. The All-in-One concept represents a range of services with benefits for the manufacturers of drugs and pharmaceutical products, for pharmacies and for patients. The PHOENIX Group takes care of the entire distribution process for its partners in the pharmaceutical industry. Through its developed business system the company provides partners with a high-quality, sound basis for making good business decisions.

Annual Report of the PHOENIX Group for 2016/2017

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The PHOENIX Group has retailing activities in 14 countries. Throughout the Europe, we were able to create a rich knowledge base based on exchange of experiences, so more than half a million people turns to us every day with their questions on drugs and treatments.

The PHOENIX Group ensures efficient supply of medical institutions in 27 European countries, and is a market leader in 10 countries.