PHOENIX Farmacija offers its partners telemarketing services. As one of the main direct marketing instruments, telemarketing has become an important and often dominant tool in the sales, promotion or improvement in customer relations.

Telemarketing is a service that uses sophisticated telecommunication and IT systems in combination with employees’ sales and service skills and competencies so as to ensure that the company either stays in close contact with the existing customers or establishes contact with new potential customers and increases sales and business productivity. There are some basic requirements essential to an efficient telemarketing campaign: professional personnel, sophisticated telecommunication devices and excellent database. Planning, reports and statistical processing are also part of this procedure. As this kind of communication inspires trust, a personalized two-way communication with potential clients often surpasses all other forms of marketing because it provides immediate feedback.

There are 24 employees in the PHOENIX Farmacija Call Center providing telemarketing services. Over a period of five days, our employees read a telemarketing message from only one contractual partner. Our partner’s message, either regarding a sales promotion, new product notification or any other message to 930 pharmacies is read through the SalesPod form. At the end of the contractual week, the partner is presented with a report on the number of placed calls, the list of pharmacies to which the message has been communicated and the analysis of the completed sales promotion.

Services may be tailored to the preferences and needs of each individual partner.

Contact person:

Hrvoje Barlović, MPharm
Marketing Manager


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