The largest veterinary wholesaler in Croatia

In Croatia every well organised cattle production, veterinary station, veterinary practice or veterinary pharmacy is the customer of PHOENIX Farmacija.

PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. is the largest veterinary wholesaler in Croatia, with product distribution organised through three distribution centres – Zagreb, Osijek and Solin, which are supplied by goods from the central warehouse in Zagreb daily.

Distribution network covers all parts of Croatia, with delivery organised via permanent lines at least twice a week, and more often if necessary. Customers in larger city areas can receive deliveries three times a day, which means that we a prompt in responding to our customers’ demands.

Customers have recognised the quality of our distribution network, the coverage, delivery accuracy, wide product range and the friendliness of the entire team – from receiving orders to delivery.

Practically every veterinary station, practice or pharmacy in Croatia is the customer of PHOENIX Farmacija. Our sales staff will help you solve any professional or technical issue, by giving you advice or helping you find a solution. With our product range we try to meet all the needs of large and small veterinary practices and cattle production.

Our products are divided in several groups:

  • VMP (veterinary medical products) for all types and categories of animals
  • Animal feed supplements, stored and distributed in line with the HACCP system. In the Croatian market we are exclusive importer and distributer for the Belgian company Nuscience Belgium, we are representatives and distributers of Sevnica-based Lekos, a Slovenian producer of chestnut tannin based products. In addition, we distribute the products of domestic producers (Genera, Krka - Farma, Nutrient, Vit - vet, Labor test)
  • Equipment and tools for vet practices and labs, according to customers’ specific demands
  • Pest control
  • Sanitary and surgical material, instruments and tools
  • Equipment for farms
  • Office supplies, IT equipment and toners, cleaning agents, paper supplies available through regular delivery lines, at most favourable market prices for our customers.

  • Veterinary division in numbers:

    More than 440 active customers with more than 680 delivery sites
    More than 70 suppliers
    More than 1,600 veterinary products
    More than 4,000 products in total
    In 2015 more than 2.2 million packaging units of veterinary products sold, and more than 2.4 million packaging units of products in total

    Our product range suppliers are renowned, world known companies and their representatives in the Republic of Croatia.

    Major producers:
    Bayer AH, Genera d.d., Krka - Farma d.o.o., Lekos d.o.o. (PHOENIX Farmacija is representative for the Republic of Croatia), Lek Veterina d.o.o., MSD AH (Intervet), Nuscience Belgium (PHOENIX Farmacija is representative for the Republic of Croatia), Zoetis
    Major representatives and importers for Croatia, our suppliers (in alphabetical order):
    Agralis d.o.o., Alltech Hrvatska d.o.o., Antiseptica d.o.o., Bul vet d.o.o., Buteo d.o.o., Centralna veterinarska agencija d.o.o., DDL Zagreb d.o.o., Iris mednarodna trgovina d.o.o., Konta d.o.o., NLM Vantinge A/S, Mount trade d.o.o., Vet Consulting d.o.o., Vetom alfa d.o.o.


    Your contact:

    Sales Manager for pharmacy and veterinary program

    Tomislav Terek


    Head of veterinary program

    Ivan Križek


    Procurement and business development

    Darija Ogrizović

    Vedrana Bertol


    Ozaljska 95, 10000 Zagreb
    Tel.: +385 1 3650 124
            +385 1 3650 128
    Fax: +385 1 3652 413
    Sales Zagreb
    Ozaljska 95, 10000 Zagreb
    Tel.: +385 1 3650 117
            +385 1 3650 157
           + 385 1 3650 159
    Fax: +385 1 3650 178
    Sales Osijek
    Vinkovačka 61a, 31000 Osijek
    Tel: +385 31 275 311
           +385 31 275 320
    Fax: + 385 31 497 430
    Sales Solin
    Don Frane Bulića bb, 21210 Solin
    Tel.: +385 21 246 328
    Fax: +385 21 218 133


PHOENIX Farmacija is the largest veterinary pharmaceutical wholesaler in Croatian with more than 350 customers and 70 suppliers, more than 650 delivery locations and more than 2000 veterinary products.

As of May 2010, PHOENIX Farmacija imports prescription drugs based on prescriptions issued by doctors of medicine and doctors of dental medicine.

On the domestic market, PHOENIX Farmacija purchases its products from more than 270 pharmaceutical manufacturers and their representatives in Croatia. Our product range grows daily!