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ADIVA Program

The ADIVA Program is a carefully designed program that helps pharmacies be more competitive, which is a unique program to support pharmacy operations in Croatia. ADIVA is actually a marketing and business concept that was launched by PHOENIX Farmacija at the end of 2009, when the need of pharmacies for the organization and implementation of additional marketing activities was recognized. The ADIVA Program has proven an excellent tool, especially for smaller pharmacies and pharmacy chains, because it improves business through greater efficiency and better results, helps pharmacies position themselves more strongly on the market, differentiates them from the competition, encourages pharmacy innovation, increases patient loyalty and satisfaction, and makes everyday work easier due to pre-developed marketing tools so that pharmacists have more time for patients.

At the time, and even more so now, Pharmacies did not have enough time, marketing knowledge or personnel resources for the independent organization and implementation of marketing activities. Even then, these were mostly smaller private pharmacies and pharmacy chains, and PHOENIX Farmacija offered various marketing tools through a partnership cooperation program for pharmacies. PHOENIX implements similar programs in other European countries where it operates, so we tried to adapt the model and all good practices from abroad to our local market. In the beginning, a small number of services were offered, namely a B2B activity aimed at the professional training of pharmacists and several B2C services, i.e. services aimed at patients who come to pharmacies. Today, the ADIVA Program is far more complex and comprehensive – the program successfully integrates pharmacy services and digital access to patients.
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According to the patients, at the beginning, it was exclusively the ADIVA Plus health magazine, which was published twice a month in partner pharmacies that joined the program. Over the years, loyal relationships between patients and pharmacies were created, but only in 2015 did the ADIVA loyalty program offer the possibility of obtaining special benefits. At the same time, the implementation of numerous public health campaigns in cooperation with industry partners contributed to the development of additional pharmacy services and better patient counselling. This additionally indicated the need for stronger visibility and branding for pharmacies, which is why ADIVA pharmacies are marked with the label “ADIVA Pharmacy”. Then came further development and the launch of the ADIVA mobile application, which made it easier to understand and use the loyalty program and ensured closer contact with the users. The high-quality and extremely respected health portal, strategically positioned as a pharmacy portal, has become one of the main sources of information for numerous users when it comes to health topics. The portal provides daily clear, up-to-date, simple and easy-to-understand information related to the preservation of health and the prevention of unwanted health conditions.

As for the relationship with pharmacies, ADIVA acts as a tool that ensures business improvement, provides a difference compared to the competition, and leaves pharmacists with more time to focus on patients and their advisory role, which is very well recognized and accepted. It is important to point out that pharmacists also have the opportunity to actively participate in the development of the program through an advisory body. We communicate and exchange information about satisfaction and achieved goals, consider suggestions for improvement and develop the brand together. In addition to belonging to a well-known brand, the active monitoring of trends in the domestic market, but also in the markets of other countries, is a competitive advantage.

Today, almost 180 pharmacies across Croatia are members of the ADIVA Program. This is approximately 16% of the pharmacy market, but if their market potential is taken into account, ADIVA pharmacies make up almost 24% of the market. If we say that 16% of pharmacies act as almost a quarter of the market according to potential, this clearly tells us that ADIVA pharmacies are proactive, open, hard-working, ready to follow market trends and create new ones, work together on service quality and build a positive image in society. As a concept, ADIVA helps bring pharmacies closer to patients.

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