Compliance at PHOENIX Farmacija

Through our regulations, we establish that corruption, distortion of market competition and bad behaviour have no place within the PHOENIX Group or in our cooperation with customers and business partners, that violations are not tolerated and that we conduct appropriate investigations and impose penalties if necessary.

By organizing compliance across the entire PHOENIX Group, it is ensured that these rules are implemented and monitored.

With the full support of the Executive Board of the PHOENIX Group and all the member Boards, a policy of zero tolerance is implemented when it comes to violating the values and rules contained in these regulations.

System for reporting irregularities

The PHOENIX Group has established a web system for reporting cases of irregularities. Regardless of whether you are an employee of PHOENIX or a third party, you have the opportunity to anonymously ask questions or report suspected violations of compliance rules or actual incidents such as: conflicts of interest, corrupt practices, suspected distortion of market competition. The system is operated by an external service provider, and your identity as a whistleblower cannot be disclosed without your express consent to the disclosure of this information.

You can access the whistleblower system at any time via the link: