Sustainable business

Sustainable business operations

 The PHOENIX Group, as one of the leading healthcare providers in Europe, has a mission to contribute to the health and well-being of all people. After all, we supply health! However, our corporate responsibility goes beyond that mission. As a company, we must ensure that our growth creates value not only for us, but also for society and the environment in which we operate.


Sustainability program

 In 2021, the PHOENIX Group launched a new sustainability program focusing on five areas:


  • Climate protection

the development and implementation of climate strategy

  • Multiple use of products

the commitment to re-use, reduce and recycle wherever possible

  • Responsible supply chains

developing and establishing processes that integrate due diligence and the verification of respect for human rights and environmental protection along our value chain

  • Diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion

promoting social diversity among employees and managers

  • Social engagement

linking our donation activities with our core business activity


Our areas of responsibility


Reliable delivery: many PHOENIX employees work every day to ensure that medicines reach the patients undamaged. They take into account the need for the careful handling of medicines, their storage and transport at the appropriate temperature, and the regular checking of the expiration date. Given that medicines need to be disposed of as hazardous waste if the packaging is damaged or the expiration date has expired, careful handling also protects the environment.


PHOENIX Group’s success is based on responsible behaviour in accordance with the laws along the entire supply chain. We also expect our service providers to conduct their business responsibly. Our Supplier Code of Conduct includes the prohibition of child labour and forced labour along with the rights to fair pay and freedom of association.


A greener business: The PHOENIX Group wants to minimize its impact on the environment and its measures to support this goal include reducing emissions resulting from the operation of buildings and transport, avoiding the generation of waste and increasing the recycling of materials.


One of our main tasks will be to reduce CO2 emissions within the PHOENIX Group. In order to achieve this goal, we will focus on energy efficiency measures, the procurement of electricity from renewable sources, our own electricity production through photovoltaic systems, and the transition to alternative drive technologies such as e-mobility.


Getting better every day – together: we believe that the only way to successfully shape our future is to work equally with our employees. The basis of our relationship based on trust is the corporate culture of PHOENIX Group, which focuses on mutual dialogue.


PHOENIX Farmacija, like the entire PHOENIX Group, strives to play an active role in society. For us, responsibility means using our skills and resources to make a positive contribution to the common good, beyond the scope of our core business.


Sustainability report

Harmonious interaction between the economy, the environment and social responsibility is an essential basis for sustainable business success. In order to show the key performance indicators of all PHOENIX Group members, a report is published once a year, with data for the last business year and examples of good business practices from different countries.

Sustainability report 2021/22