All-in-One Concept

Excellence and end-to-end support for partners’ success


The vision of the PHOENIX Group, the leading wholesale drugstore in Europe, is to become the best integrated provider of healthcare services in all the countries where it operates. Under the name All-in-One, PHOENIX Group launched a concept in 2016 that brings pharmaceutical manufacturers closer to their end-users.

With its targeted service areas ranging from pan-European preferred partnerships with manufacturers, logistics, business intelligence (BI) and additional pharmacy services to supply chain optimization, sales support, clinical study logistics and speciality drug services, the All-in-One concept provides a spectrum of integrated services on the Croatian and European pharmaceutical markets. The PHOENIX Group is present in 31 European countries, with unique coverage of Northern, Central and Southeastern Europe. In its local markets, the PHOENIX Group has many years of experience and expertise in the areas in which the company is active, namely wholesale medicines and medicinal products, retail through its own and partner pharmacies, logistics and other health services.

PHOENIX All-in-One benefits:

Market expertise with experience gained from a presence in 31 European countries
Optimized supply chain and ensured compliance with local regulations
Advanced logistic efficiency adapted to specific requirements
Better patient engagement by 13,000 employees in more than 1,500 PHOENIX-owned pharmacies through additional pharmacy services
Lower costs with the goal of improving product availability by eliminating unnecessary expenses
Access to target groups of nearly 72,000 pharmacies and hospitals, doctors and patients in the European market
Unique insight into patient needs through nearly 140,000,000 patient contacts each year

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Dario Mitrić

Business development Manager