PHOENIX Pharmacy creates conditions for pleasant work and development.

Every day, our employees contribute to ensuring the delivery of medicines throughout Croatia and all of Europe. Not only during the crisis, but also before and after. At all times, our employees live a life of solidarity and collegiality and prove that the delivery of medicines can rely on team motivation and dedication to the work we do. Whether we work from the office, from home or from a business centre, we do our best every day! Become part of a team that is safe and stable and join colleagues who will always step in when needed!

What is it like to work at PHOENIX?

Working at PHOENIX means

• addressing all colleagues by their first name, always being able to turn to a colleague for advice and consultation or suggest improvements to the business freely and without reservation,

• respecting and appreciating other people’s opinions and clearly expressing your views,

• getting and giving feedback through formal annual interviews with superiors, and having clear goals for the following year,

• being rewarded for all proactive ideas that will be implemented and lead to the significant acceleration of processes or savings of time and resources, as well as work on large projects through the reward procedure,

• working for an employer that values morality and honesty, and who expects the same from its employees,

• adhering to laws, standards and procedures and ensuring high-quality business at all times,

• working in an interdepartmental and international environment,

• working for an employer that cherishes diversity.


Action, not reaction: we stand for clear and long-term goals, quick decisions focused on results and structured cooperation. We know the pharmaceutical markets in Europe and all the challenges that have to be dealt with very well. Through the continuous mutual exchange of knowledge, but also through the exchange of experience with our clients and business partners, we listen to the market's needs. This allows us to recognize the needs of the market and react to changes flexibly. We offer adequate support to our clients at all times. We expect our employees to constantly “challenge” all decisions and business processes and to give their suggestions in order to work together even better and more efficiently.


Health is the greatest wealth and the awareness of it guides our actions. Through legal standards, we advocate for environmental protection, the rational use of energy and the sustainable development of the organization. Our success strategy is to achieve the highest possible profitability through the efficient use of resources. An ethically correct and fair attitude towards all business partners, competitors and our employees is the main guideline in our business.


We put our words into action. Our partners can rely on our services that meet the highest quality standards. We encourage the individual abilities, potential and motivation of our employees, which enables us to continuously improve the services we provide to our partners. Constructive cooperation beyond national borders and the application of successful concepts contribute to achieving a decisive competitive advantage. We are a reliable interlocutor on all health-related issues throughout Europe. We consider partnership and sincere cooperation to be very important, both with each other and with our clients and partners. Our stable shareholder structure enables us to implement a sustainable business strategy.

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