About the program

More than 300 suppliers

PHOENIX Farmacija d.o.o. has been highly attentive to customers’ needs, and expands its range of products to be able to cater for both everyday and special demands from pharmacies, hospitals and clinical hospital centres, community health centres, polyclinics and other health institutions.

The most important and the biggest part of the work is the supply of drugs, in which segment we cooperate with all suppliers present in the Croatian market. PHOENIX Farmacija offers drugs, medical products, dietetics and cosmetics. In daily contact with the existing and new suppliers, we continually expand our product range. Our Procurement cooperates with more than 300 producers and their representatives in Croatia. Apart from product distribution, Procurement helps our partners create and implement sales actions, recognises partners’ needs and offers specially tailored additional services with the aim of improving business operations and achieving success. More than 1,900 customers in Croatia have recognised the quality of service of PHOENIX Farmacija. With them we have built close and high quality relationships and their trust always comes first.

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Tomislav Terek

Pharmacy Channel Sales Director